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Every communications campaign features numerous moving parts, but how well you promote yourself online is major aspect of your profile. At Media Theory, a Washington DC strategic communications company focused on digital service, we are obsessive about analytics and deeply familiar with all the high-powered tools necessary to monitor your audience and achieve optimal conversation rates.

Digital marketing means a lot of different things to different people. We begin by defining a goal – such as website sign-ups, social media follows, newsletter subscriptions, or even signatures to a cause (the conversion) – and then we go about producing a series of online communications to achieve the maximum rate of success. Everybody can do paid advertisements, but we are specialized in producing compelling content and striking marketing material to engage specifically targeted audiences. Even the most beautiful and impactful collateral will mean little without constant analysis and re-evaluation, so we strategically track every aspect of audience interaction and reach to ensure not just the highest quantity of engagement, but the highest quality.

Our company is also deeply experienced in managing online and social media advertising spends, making sure that budgets are optimized on the right targets and that tactics are adapted to reflect the results.

A static campaign is a fruitless campaign, which is why our digital marketing strategies evolve along with your message. With meticulous analytic research, we adapt each project’s blueprint to the ebbs and flows of traffic within its target audiences.

The Internet of today is not the Internet of five years ago, and the Internet five years from now will look nothing like ours today. Conventional methods of online outreach have their limitations, meaning innovation is key. We are constantly monitoring how people use the Internet while refining our tactics accordingly. As new channels arise, we make sure our clients get their foot in the door first.

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